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Bruno Martins  | Architect

An architect by profession and the author of numerous nominated and award-winning projects such as the "rehabilitation of the butter factory" or the "Reis Nunes house", he has also worked as a researcher in construction technologies, having envisioned and developed the first modular height system, already implemented in the "Pestana Studios" hotel. He was also a councillor in Funchal Municipal Council, responsible for urbanism, planning, urban rehabilitation and mobility.

Today, you can find Bruno leading a talented team of architects in his studio located in Funchal, Madeira Island.

Architecture and Rehabilitation

Through his study and interest in building in complex topographies, architect Bruno Martins has attracted the interest of the global architecture community with nominated and award-winning projects, earning him a reputation as a member of a new generation of architects who combine research and analysis, formal experimentation, social responsibility and a strong sense of integration between architectural object and territory. Amongst many projects in the residential, hotel and industrial areas, his award-nominated projects include the "Alves Sardinha house", the "Francisco Gomes house", the "Cabeço do Resto house" and the "Casa Velha do Palheiro Spa".

A staunch defender of historical heritage, he has developed several projects in the field of rehabilitation, including the restoration of the old "Fabrica de Manteiga", which was a finalist in the prestigious "archdaily building of the year", and the "rehabilitation of Quinta Glicínia".

Modular Systems

Always designing in cost-containment scenarios, Bruno began his story in modular systems, having planned and subsequently coordinated an ambitious research programme with universities and institutes, such as IST-Instituto Superior Técncnico and LREC-Laboratório Regional Engenharia Civil, between 2012 and 2014, which resulted in the creation and development of an innovative high-rise construction system. The construction system, which was also awarded the "premio construir" in the area of innovation, has already been used in several houses, but also in the hotel sector.

The atelier's extensive background in construction technologies and modular construction allows it to have a number of house, building and hotel projects already built using various modular systems, such as the "Hotel Pestana Studios", the first modular high-rise project in Portugal, designed by architect Bruno Martins.

Councillor at Funchal City Council

Bruno Martins was also a councillor at Funchal Municipal Council with responsibility for urbanism, planning, mobility and urban regeneration between 2017 and 2021.

During his time in charge of the Spatial Planning Department, he was responsible for finalising and approving the main land management instruments, such as the new Funchal PDM and the first Madeira Mobility Plan (PAMUS). In the area of heritage, the classification of Funchal's historic bridges and the old walls of the Oudinot streams stood out, and he continued his work of excellence in the area of urban regeneration, helping to make Funchal one of the leading cities in regeneration projects. During this period, he coordinated urban regeneration projects in the public space, such as the upgrading of Rua Fernão de Ornelas, which has become a fundamental centre for activities in the urban space, the upgrading of Rua do Bom Jesus and Rua Zarco Sul, helping the municipality to win the EU award for "European City of the Year in Mobility".

The creation of 2 new "ARU - urban rehabilitation areas" in Funchal has created better conditions for the rehabilitation of more built heritage, helping to make Funchal the third city with the most projects approved under IFFRU.

Architecture and Rehabilitation

Some of Bruno Martins' projects

Fábrica da Manteiga | Calheta – Portugal | 2010


Casa Cabeço do Resto | Santana, Madeira. Portugal | 2010


Casa Reis Nunes | Paúl do Mar – Portugal | 2009


Casa Francisco Gomes | Funchal – Portugal | 2006


Casa Sardinha | Funchal – Portugal | 2017


Spa Palheiro Ferreiro | Funchal – Portugal | 2009


Quinta Glicínia | Funchal – Portugal | 2017


Adega Vinhos Barbeito | Câmara de Lobos – Portugal | 2007


Daegu Public Library | Daegu – Coreia do Sul | 2012


Capela de Nossa Senhora da Conceição | Monte - Portugal


Tete Shopping | Tete – Moçambique | 2011


Metro Station 20 | Sofia – Bulgaria | 2011


Busan Opera House | Busan – Coreia | 2011


AirBaltic Terminal de Passageiros | Riga – Letónia | 2010


Hotel Lagoa | São Miguel – Portugal | 2008


Casa Suspensa | Funchal – Portugal | 2010


Modular Construction

For more information regarding the Construction System, its characterization, its advantages, and the research process developed:

Pestana Studios | Funchal – Portugal | 2017


Casa Santo da Serra | Santa Cruz – Madeira | 2021


Edifício Camden | Camden – U.K. | 2017


Edifício Manhattan | U.S.A. | 2017


Casa Grândola | Portugal | 2017


Casa Rabaçal | Ilha da Madeira | 2017


Casa Palmeira | Portugal | 2017


Casa Porto Santo | Porto Santo, Madeira | 2017


Awards and nominations

Some of the award-winning projects designed by Architect Bruno Martins:

  • 2016

    Nomination for the "StartUp Madeira Innovation Awards".

  • 2015

    Nomination for the "Regiostar Awards"

    , award promoted by the European Commission for best Research project in the EU.

  • 2015

    "Innovation in Construction" Award from Construir Magazine

    for the BMM Project, in Lisbon, Portugal.

  • 2014

    Honorable Mention in the International Ideas Competition

    for the Valpolicella Negrar Winery in Verona, Italy

  • 2013

    First Place in the Competition

    for the construction of the 'Our Lady of the Conception Chapel'

  • 2012

    Nomination for the 'Obra del Año' Architecture Award

    from the 'Plataforma de Arquitectura', with 'Casa Francisco Gomes'

  • 2011

    National Architecture Award

    for the 'best recovery project in 2011' with the Fábrica da Manteiga da Calheta, awarded by 'Jornal Construir'

  • 2010

    International nomination

    among the top five in the Remodeling category, in Arch Daily's 'Building of the Year' poll, with Fábrica da Manteiga da Calheta

  • 2010

    National nomination for the Portal Arquitectos Award

    in the Housing category, with 'Casa Reis Nunes'

  • 2010

    Gold Award in Portugal and Madeira

    awarded by Overseas Property Professional (OPP), with the project 'Hotel Ponta do Pargo Resort'

  • 2010

    First Place in the Funchal Natural History Museum Renovation Competition

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